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In life, we are called to a specific mission, which God in His providence orchestrated in His sovereignty before the beginning of time. Also, according to God's word, He has called His children to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. This is a superior order, and such an unshakable understanding and knowledge of God's provisions and calling can assist one with reflecting the God-given work that God has assigned to their hands. Yes, I used the term "work": (1) an action that some shy away from, (2) something many are directly and indirectly taught they should eventually retire from, (3) the very gift of stewardship God gave humanity even before Adam sinned, and (4) the very thing the truly converted of God understands marks them as His. Additionally, such an understanding should cause one to ponder the following questions:

1. What is work?

2. What does work look like today?

3. Are we truly governing the work of life?

This blog will not address the questions above in-depth, but as for food for thought, it will consider the significance of work, modern-day influences on work, and stewardship overwork.

What is work?

Work is a vocation assigned to us by our various roles, duties, and ministerial and secular occupations. But most Christians are not clear of how vocations and roles intermingle together in the totality of God's purpose and framework for work. So, due to their lack of knowledge of the true gospel and the embodiment of the fruit of the Spirit, many are perishing because their God-given rule of stewardship has been given over to ungodly organizations that are shaping society.

What does work look like today?

The foundation of work in modern society is scaffolded by organizations from three perspectives rational, natural, and open systems terms that have implementations to the fundamental workings of organizations and culture.

Are we truly governing the work of life?

So, now I know you're thinking, what does this have to do with the issue of life? Well, everything, yet nothing. Yes, I said everything, yet nothing. If the facets of biblical truth do not govern our culture, how can we truly steward and protect life? If we continue to do the minimum or close our eyes to societal ills, then we are overtly treating God's biblical truths as nothing, and on judgment day: Can we say we didn't know? 

Proverbs 24:12 (NKJV)

If you say, "Surely we did not know this," Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

The issue of work and life are interrelated in many ways, and in God's providence and sovereignty, He has called us to this juncture in life to uphold the sanctity of life. 

Understanding how we are supposed to function in life according to godliness, biblical truth, and stewardship is crucial in this day in age. God has called His children to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever in this can be done in our "work":

  1. An action we should run towards with gladness.
  2. Something we should not retire from in all of its various facets.
  3. Work should be stewarded well in partnership with the one and only heavenly Father.
  4. Work is an indicator of those who are His elect.

In this very hour, it is good to be critical thinkers and to reflect God's goodness in the earth for His sake as we work towards valuing and protecting all life from the womb to the tomb.