About Us

Modern Warfare Ministries is a teaching ministry that rises above religious barriers and focuses on preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, perfecting the Saints for the work of ministry, and edifying believers. Our vision is to instill God's rule and government on earth the way Christ intended for the Church. 

Our ministry was founded by Christopher Antonio Bradley, Sr. Not having been raised within the Church, he wanted to bring a unique perspective to the Body of Christ. Christopher attended Faith Bible School and moved from Washington DC to Atlanta ready to deliver profound truths from God's Word. 

We Are About the Mission

However, our ministry is about a mission, not a specific person. We exist to inform people about the modern warfare that is taking place in this world and to help them to act in ways that influence it. We want to bring what is truly taking place into perspective, emphasizing the fact that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. 

Our Values

We teach the values of the Kingdom and that the Church should be of such influence that the world itself looks to it for guidance and direction. We believe that Biblical principles should be installed into every major system on earth, redeeming those systems for God. We operate under the core values of unity, connection, reconciliation, faith, and spiritual warfare. 

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