Abortion in Florida

Total Reported Pregnancies 364,698

Unwed 195,670     53.7%

Married 169,028     46.3%

The Agency of Healthcare Administration does not have a table for reported pregnancies; this total was derived from the percentage of unwed women obtaining abortions and the reported number of unwed women with live births.

Total Abortions 70, 083

Unwed  59,781     85.3%

Married 10,302      14.7%

192 children are aborted every day in Florida, 8 every hour, and 1 every 7 minutes.

From 2018 report of reasons for induced Termination of Pregnancy: AHCA

Personal choice/elective                                                              52,844     75.4%                  

Social/Economic                                                                          14,031      20.02%

Emotional Physical Health of the Mother                                     1,170        1.67% 

Life Endangering Physical Condition                                           194            0.28%

Serious Fetal Genetic Defect, Deformity or Abnormality              701            1.0%

Rape                                                                                             101            0.14%

Incest                                                                                             8               0.01%

Physical Health of Mother that is not Life Endangering                1,034         1.48%  

Sources: State of Florida, Agency of Healthcare Administration. Live births stats for 2018

Centers for Disease Control Abortion Surveillance- United States, 2015 (table 15): 85.7% for Unwed Mothers, 14.3% to Married Mothers categories


2020 Florida Death Toll:


In the midst of a global pandemic and shutdown!!

7,076 babies murdered in December

3,234 babies murdered in November

13,809 babies murdered in Sept/Oct

6,447 babies murdered in August

6,138 babies murdered in July

7,677 babies murdered in June

5,948 babies murdered in May

8,190 babies murdered in April

5,223 babies murdered in March

8,490 babies murdered in Jan/Feb

71,908 surgical and pill abortions were reported in 2019 per Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

This number does NOT include abortions conducted in hospitals or in physicians' offices - only in abortion "clinics." This number also does not include preborn infant deaths attributable to abortifacient hormonal birth control, IUDs or so-called "emergency contraceptives" such as "Plan B."