Stand Up. Speak Out. Advocate for Life. 

Are you looking for ways to become involved in your community, to speak out against injustice, and model the good news? Well search no more.

Start off by accepting the fact that we all have fallen short of the glory of God yet be empowered not to remain in that position but cry out to stop the innocent blood shed. We will be held accountable on the day of Judgment on whether we used our gifts and talents to stop this one issue in the area of protecting human life and calling our neighbors to live up to God's high standards.

In today's society it is not enough to talk or merely discuss issues, but we must raise up the moral compass of our cities and become unapologetic in our embodiment of righteousness while speaking the truth.

We must be awakened to the lies that has been thrusted upon us by culture, tanned ideologies, immoral institutions, and even from some seemingly safe places such as the educational systems, churches, and the false pretenses of the home.

The fatherless home and present yet inactive fathers, has taken a toll on our society. So, we are asking the men, fathers, women, mothers, and children to join us in this awaking to help save the preborn babies.

Even so, have you asked yourself what is your take on this issue, as well as your God given responsibility?

During the days and years of the Holocaust and Slavery: What moral codes and principles were being destroyed? Selah, life, morality, the establishment of personhood, inalienable rights, justice, Imago Dei, etc. 

So, take your stand and join us in one or more of the following initiatives:

  • PROJECT DELEGATION: Our legislatures are employed by and work for their constituents under their governance. So, it is our job to advocate the principles and the standard of morality in our communities defining and establishing personhood to help protect the unborn.
  • PROJECT KNOCK KNOCK: Word of mouth is the most powerful form of grass root efforts, therefore, engaging others in door-to-door communications to awaken and challenge others to live a life of righteousness and moral consciousness is needed for we are our brothers and neighbor keepers.  
  • PROJECT GATES OF HELL: Over 65 million babies has been slaughtered over the course of decades starting in 1973 at the hand their mother, an aid of an exhort and some at the permission of their love ones. So, we ask that stand, pray and preach the gospel at the abortion mill to be a voice of wisdom crying out in the streets. Some may not take heed to call but at least on the Day of Judgment they cannot say even in the mist of them attempting to silence their consciousness that no one did not come to sound the alarm.  
  • PROJECT PERSONHOOD: Our Declaration of Indepence confirm that it is the responsiblity of federal and state, legisotr to alienable right of life and liberty and happines for all person Support the amendment initiative of establishing Personhood by going to events, to spread the good news of the Lord and Personhood to protect the babies. Because even in the latter like the days of Noah many will be eating, drinking, and partaking and festivities actives when the wrath of God will come upon all nations because of sin. Therefore, it is important to be in placed as an advocate for life to collect signatures to protect all life, in the womb until natural death.  
  • ESTABLISHING SANCTUARY CITIES FOR THE PREBORN: Encourage your city to become a sanctuary city for preborn lives. This is important because it helps to preserve your community from many immoralities faced by some communities and most importantly it raises a moral standard.  
  • PROJECT FRONTLINES: Engage High schools on life with the Gospel. 
  • PROJECT INFILTRATE: Come share the convicting truths to random engagement with "BELIEVERS"
  • PROJECT CHURCH REPENT: God is truly a God of love come confront culture and reveal and challenge what is taking place behind scenes of the death mill. 
  • PROJECT PLANT: There are many teachers yet few fathers that have risen up to disciple others in all cities throughout Florida.  

By determining and standing true to the living God that sees and knows all things we can awake one community at time to the horrific effects of innocent blood shed to a people group, nation, culture, and prosperity.

Come join us and checkout our events to make a difference and help save lives in the truest form of love. Visit the Black Voices For Life Youtube Channel for training and equipping on prophetic activism. #blackvoicesforlife

Be Passionate. Be Authentic and Serve Your Community. Just Save Lives.